Video: Boost – Maximise the value of OpenShift with Boost

To help CxOs understand how to maximise the value of OpenShift and how to use it to incrementally improve your IT delivery process, we’ve produced a short (< 8 min) video. The key points are:

  1. If OpenShift gives you all the pieces you need to deliver a new platform efficiently, how come mature organisations who’ve invested heavily in DevOps are still making releases every 3-4 months?
  2. We’ve looked at the whole software value chain (from idea to production code) and found lots of friction points that slow teams down. We’ve covered these in other posts but, until you eliminate them, teams will always struggle to achieve fluency. Part of the problem is that the toolset doesn’t tell you how to create a DevOps pipeline.
  3. Boost uses a bunch of IP (and Ansible Rules) to enable teams to achieve fluent DevOps in Sprint 1 with all the environments, software, tools and quality gates they need. It even includes a UI to show you what’s running where by linking GIT updates to JIRA and what’s running in each OpenShift pod.

Have a look and tell us what you think: have we pitched it right?; does your CxO understand why Continuous Delivery is difficult to achieve?; and does this video help persuade them to invest in better DevOps?

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