Does your roadmap resemble a mountain of piling tasks because your business has high demands? With peaks and troughs that make it hard for you to build or scale up efficient, have an agile development, QA or DevOps teams? Are your timelines short, pressuring you to release as quickly as possible so you don’t lose clients?

There are many Nearshore companies but a few that focus on Start-ups. What makes Estafet a unique nearshore partner are our core values, demonstrated through our strive for excellence, quick delivery and quality of service, business value-driven outcomes and passion-for-success teams. We align with your objectives and can accelerate your go-to-market. We are a niche company, working on custom requirements and know how to take care of our customers. We will promise and deliver and will not hide anything within our engagement. 

What we offer:

Whether you need to lower the cost, scale your development capability or add new skills to your team – we can help. Many of our customers report that adding Estafet’s nearshore capability helped them bring forward crucial product launches and unlock revenue streams.
We bring:

Fast, effective onboarding of new teams

We're used to working with start-ups and come with all the tools and skills you need. Customers report low disruption to internal teams, great collaboration, and early impact.

Cost optimisation

Our nearshore delivery capability allows us to keep costs low while maintaining the quality of expertise and results. We come much cheaper compared to Western European development teams.

Velocity in the process

Our proven Discovery methodology helps save days in planning, decision, and actual execution which helps in lowering the total cost of the engagement.

We add instant expertise to your teams

If you need custom development skills we can ramp this up fast. Our recruitment and retention strategy allows us to have a stable pool of skills that we can support our clients with.

Why Estafet?

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