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In this episode, Adrian Wright and Yoana Ivanova delve into the pivotal role of Java updates in shaping businesses’ competitive edge, security posture, and developer satisfaction. Yoana, our expert guest, sheds light on various aspects of Java evolution and its strategic implications for businesses.

Legacy to Agile: A Podcast Journey Through Enterprise Evolution

Join Adrian Wright and Antonio Lyubchev in the latest episode of “Legacy to Agile: A Podcast Journey Through Enterprise Evolution”. We unravel the captivating stories and expert insights on the transformative journey from legacy to agile in enterprise applications.

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI

In this insightful episode, join Adrian Wright and Branimir Angelov as they delve into the dynamic world of Generative AI and its profound impact on software development. Introducing Estafet, a seasoned expert in software development, application integration, and data engineering, the hosts explore the nuances of Generative AI, its distinctions from previous AI and machine learning products, and its transformative influence on software delivery.

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Explore insightful articles on strategies for maximizing product impact, optimizing data handling processes, mastering seamless migration strategies, and delving into the transformative potential of AI in publishing.

Plus, don’t forget to tune in to our captivating podcast episode featuring Yoana, where we discuss the critical importance of Java security and the necessity of upgrading to safeguard your systems. Stay ahead of the curve and dive into the world of innovation with Estafet Insights!

Learn about automated testing for reliable API development and streamline Java unit testing with Instancio.

Explore Java frameworks for microservices and discover the simplicity of message brokers for efficient data exchange.

Seamlessly transform code with solutions like Amazon Q and gain valuable insights into enterprise evolution from legacy systems to agile methodologies through our podcast episode “Legacy to Agile“.

This month, we explore the extensive evolution of Java, tracing its trajectory from its inception in 1995 by James Gosling to its current status as a cornerstone of modern software development.

Additionally, we underscore the critical significance of upgrading through an insightful guide authored by Yoana Ivanova, offering valuable insights into the intricacies and benefits of staying abreast of evolving technologies.

Paulo Goncalves, COO at Estafet, shared insights from the TechEx Global IT conference, focusing on automation and generative AI. He discussed challenges in ‘Automating Intelligently’ and explored ‘Intelligence in Automation,’ emphasizing key insights and examples of innovation. 

Additionally, Yoana Ivanova outlined a comprehensive approach to dynamically configuring Java model validations, offering step-by-step guidance and benefits.

In this issue, we spotlight the game-changing OpenAI GPT-3.5 Enterprise edition, ushering in a new era of secure integration of enterprise data into ChatGPT. 

We’re also delving into revolutionary trends in Java development. From exploring AI’s role in enhancing regression and end-to-end testing to integrating tools like Diffblue, EvoSuite, and Randoop, Estafet is at the forefront of leveraging AI for excellence.

Unlocking the Future: Key Insights from the Sifted Summit 2023 by Alistair Park, Chief Customer Officer @ Estafet

Highlights key takeaways from the Sifted Summit 2023, including AI adoption strategies, startup innovation with generative AI, and the importance of effective startup management. It emphasizes navigating tech’s evolution and seizing opportunities in a rapidly changing landscape.

Discover practical ‘Best Practice‘ guides for software development with ChatGPT and other AI technologies. 

Join Estafet at the Sifted Summit to explore transformative AI services and industry-leading insights. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Estafet’s exciting journey at the Sifted Summit on 4-5 Oct.

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