Red Hat Forum 2020 – OpenShift install for Thales

Thales adopted OpenShift for its marine and sonar division to both provide a platform that would run software at sea, and also a “Stack-in-a-Box” install of OpenShift to help its partners write and deliver container solutions.

The following video is from the Red Hat Forum in November 2020

  • Patrick Stephens is the Technical Architect for the Digital Platform Team in the Defence Mission Systems division of Thales. He is responsible for technical oversight of the common software platform deployed to all UK, FR and AU maritime solutions. This platform has evolved over the years to a kubernetes based solution. Patrick is also a CNCF CKA.
  • Kevin Ryall is a Senior Consultant and Agile Coach at Estafet. He helps companies with digital transformation and has specific technical expertise in Red Hat OpenShift, Fuse with Camel and Talend integration. Kevin is an agile practitioner, a Red Hat Agile Coach and has strong DevOps and Continuous Delivery experience. Kevin has recently worked on projects for Thales, Boeing, Airbus, Arqiva, Capita, WorldPay and Elsevier.

See also our blog for more details on the OpenShift Stack-in-a-Box.

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