Paulo Goncalves on Estafet’s Discovery & Estimation Excellence

As the COO of Estafet, Paulo outlines in our latest video interview how, through a short initial discovery phase, Estafet helps clients achieve accurate, up-front project time and cost estimates while still enabling Agile delivery.

How we do it

  • Estafet offers an established process and estimation model that has been demonstrated to be highly accurate.
  • Clients may now expect a fully costed and estimated backlog as well as a proof of concept within a few weeks.
  • Each technical and user story has a confidence level linked with it, which generates appropriate risk and contingency.
  • The expected velocity of the delivery team is then derived from the decomposition of a selection of these stories, enabling accurate delivery timeline projections.

This enables our team to simply and correctly model the impact of reprioritisation and scope change on expected timescales. Watch the full video below to understand our approach.

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