Our Partnership with
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Estafet and Red Hat

Estafet is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, and an expert delivery partner in Red Hat technologies including Ansible and OpenShift. We believe OpenSource is quicker to evolve, more secure and more reliable than proprietary software and use it to build PoCs and production solutions for start-ups and Enterprises.

Red Hat Ansible is an automation platform that simplifies the management of complex tasks, enabling organisations to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Red Hat OpenShift, is a powerful container platform that facilitates application development and deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Estafet’s experience and expertise in these technologies has made us a trusted partner of Red Hat for businesses seeking to harness the benefits of automation, containerization, and cloud-native development.

Key highlights include:

Certified Professionals:

Estafet boasts a team of highly skilled and certified professionals who have extensive experience in deploying, configuring, and optimising Red Hat solutions.

Customised Automation Solutions:

Estafet leverages Ansible to design and implements tailored automation solutions to simplify IT tasks, reduce manual errors, and accelerate delivery pipelines, ultimately saving you time and money.

Containerization Excellence:

Estafet's proficiency Kubernetes solutions, such as OpenShift, enables clients to take full advantage of containerised, microservice development. This includes designing scalable, resilient applications that are deployable across multiple availability zones.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment:

Estafet helps you to build and deploy applications both on-prem or across multi-cloud environments.

Strategic Consulting:

Estafet provides strategic consulting services to help you align your technology choices with your investments and business goals, enabling you to make informed decisions about the adoption of Red Hat solutions.

Knowledge Transfer:

Estafet teams are experts at training and handing over solutions and know-how (including all IP) to your own teams.

If you are looking to use Red Hat technologies, our consultants can help you to get value from them quickly. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks and development pipelines, delivering innovative new solutions, or containerizing existing applications, we’re ready to help you adopt and master Red Hat technologies.

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