How to evolve using ChatGPT

‘Best Practice’ guides for different specialisms in the Software Development Lifecycle

About ChatGPT

Since its launch, ChatGPT and other large language model-based chatbots have become ubiquitous in terms of their widespread adoption as well as the proliferation of news items, courses, tools and services associated with them.

Best Practice Guides

In order to cut through the noise and identify easy-to-understand, pragmatic guidance for the effective application of ChatGPT, a group of Estafet consultants focused their efforts on the investigation and production of a set of practical ‘Best Practice’ guides for different specialisms in the Software Development Lifecycle, covering Solution Architecture, Devops, Development and Quality Assurance.

We are now making these public and hope you find them useful within your teams and specialisms. As the technologies and tools within this area are evolving at a rapid pace, these guides should be considered practical works in progress, and will be improved, expanded, revised and reissued periodically.

Solution Architecture with ChatGPT

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Devops with ChatGPT

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ChatGPT as applied to Quality Assurance

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Development with ChatGPT

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Development with the ChatGPT API

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AI Accelerator

The rapid adoption of generative AI tools – one-third of companies using it in at least one business function – means that you are probably already considering opportunities for productivity, cost-saving, better customer engagement, decision-making, and data insight.

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