When startups receive investment, they are expected to scale quickly to deliver on investors’ and customers’ promises. Finding the right resources becomes the constraining factor and worries include dilution of culture, tying up senior resources in onboarding new staff, and specifying work. We’ve worked with successful start-ups and have learned that one important (and often overlooked) area is to retain clarity on your business goals and connect the inputs and outputs of the teams to that vision via a Functional Blueprint.

The challenges for a growing start-up:

Need to scale fast because of investment

Need to deliver on promises

Need to prove to investors that they are on track

Need to build the confidence and trust that they can deliver

We can help

We understand what is at stake and help you connect your goals to the input of your team. We help you validate that your tasks are aligned with your product vision and discover any outliers. Our team has created an approach that supports the scaling up of your business so you can:
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