Boost for OpenShift

We’re really excited to celebrate the work of Dennis Williams and the team who have built Boost (see so that #OpenShift users can accelerate their projects to achieve #continuousdelivery in days rather than months with all the tools and template processes they need.

“Version, update and redeploy the entire platform in minutes”

We write Infrastructure As Code (IAC) and can version, update and redeploy in minutes. This eliminates environment and configuration drift so the code can always run with each environment, whilst also enabling seamless migration between cloud providers.

“Rapid time-to-value through automated delivery pipelines”

Pipelines provide the automation backbone which moves continuously integrated and tested code from development to production. We accelerate delivery using pipeline templates, so the path to live is available within the first weeks of a project.

“Built-in support for leading test automation frameworks”

Test tools are industry-standard; their integration within DevOps pipelines is not. We have therefore developed frameworks and templates for developers and QAs including Selenium and Cucumber / Gherkin. This means that tests are not only quicker and easier to write, but are wired into the CICD process from the outset.

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