Boost for OpenShift in 4 minutes

Are you realising the full value of OpenShift? Companies typically buy OpenShift for cloud scale, faster innovation, and lower OpEx. But building teams and processes for fluent and continuous delivery takes time. Whilst OpenShift comes with all the right pieces: installers for major cloud providers, monitoring, Kubernetes container management, pipeline integration, and logging, no-one is going to tell you how to put those together to achieve fluent DevOps because how you use these tools is down to you.

That’s why we created Boost – a fully automated, adaptive delivery process for OpenShift that lets you build delivery pipelines however you want. Boost then creates all the automation you need so that new teams begin Sprint 1 with all the environments, pipelines, tools and practices they need for production deployment. We’ve also added a UI console to show where features are in the pipeline and when they can be released.

Thanks to everyone who fed back on our first video about Boost (see previous post). You asked for a shorter version and here it is (at just over 4 minutes).

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