Boost: Case Study

A FinTech start-up wanted to demonstrate Blockchain integration running in an OpenShift cluster in just 4 weeks using a small and newly formed development team. It was important to demonstrate how a pipeline would work across multiple environments with full source control and quality gates.

Taking OpenShift on AWS, we used Boost to accelerate the team’s productivity. Most had not used Kubernetes or OpenShift before, yet all were able to deliver containerised microservices effectively, spinning up new environments as developers joined the team.

The pilot was delivered in three weeks and both the team and the customer commenting that the application would otherwise have taken months to develop because most of the time would have been spent building up environments and pipelines. The best practices also ensured that we could monitor all the services running in different environments and give accurate predictions of time to live.

Boost gave the team near instant productivity, even when they knew little of Kubernetes, because they were working on features not infrastructure.

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