The rapid adoption of generative AI tools – one-third of companies using it in at least one business function – means that you are probably already considering opportunities for productivity, cost-saving, better customer engagement, decision-making, and data insight. The introduction of the OpenAI ChapGPT Enterprise edition enables enterprise data to be integrated into ChatGPT in a more secure manner.
Perhaps you think you’re not ready or just don’t know where to begin. We’ve therefore developed an AI accelerator that helps you understand what’s possible, what might work for your business, and to try some ideas. Above all, you’ll be learning and developing new skills. If you already know why you want to get started, skip the next section and go straight to “What’s included?”

Why should I adopt Generative AI?

The case for adopting Generative AI is compelling: the tools are sufficiently mature to be useful (and easily integrated) and the barriers to adoption are low. How you make use of it will depend on your business (more on that later), but here are our top 10 reasons to embrace it:

What’s included?

We know that learning what’s possible, getting started with the tools, and then building something of value is the best way to both deliver skills and motivate your teams. We’ve therefore developed a services framework that builds this competence within your organisation using our experts to train your staff and coach them whilst they build the first project.

Over 6 weeks, we provide:

Education and training

Our first task is to get everyone up to the same level through classroom training on AI terminology and concepts; what’s possible and what’s likely to succeed; the tools we’ll be using; how we scope and deliver projects; and team roles. 

There are eight hours of classroom sessions delivered over two days. These are open to anyone in your organisation, but we recommend keeping class sizes to 12 people so that everyone can get their questions answered. We can do this in-person or online as needed.
We also deliver technical training sessions on using generative AI tools, integrating them into your software, and rapid prototyping.

Education and training

Which ideas will work in your organisation and what should you tackle first? We run three workshops to help you evaluate your ideas; we will bring our own suggestions, too.

Learn more about our 1-Day Workshop

Education and training

The first workshop brings together representatives from the business, product leads, technical leads, sales, and C-Level to review candidate ideas for a Proof of Concept. The goal is to prioritise and size each candidate, and then pick the one which balances effort, impact, and learning. 

Workshop 2 - Roadmap

The first workshop identifies a number of ideas for implementation, along with a priority and estimate of the effort needed to deliver. This workshop establishes where to place these ideas in the context of your existing delivery roadmap. We will look at the capabilities you need to build, your current commitments, and how resources will be allocated to these new initiatives.

Workshop 3 - PoC Backlog

We now look at how to deliver the initial PoC, breaking it down into user stories and technical tasks to form a prioritised and estimated Product Backlog. The participants for this workshop depend on the delivery model, i.e. who will be building the PoC, but it needs to include the Product Owner to help establish the relative priority of tasks and the business goals we are aiming to fulfil.


We’ve established the candidate PoC and built a backlog. We also know (from the Roadmap workshop) which capabilities we need to build within your organisation. We can therefore progress to a series of short Agile Sprints to deliver the PoC. As discussed earlier, there are three delivery models

Customer Delivery

You deploy your own delivery teams to build the PoC. We provide expert coaching to minimise risk and maximise learning. We’ll agree in the workshops on how much the PoC focuses on developing your capability vs. delivering features. Our experts will help with, for example, software design, implementation, and adapting your CICD processes.

Estafet Delivery

Many customers use Estafet as a collaborative extension of their own teams, delivering features, or entire systems, whilst their own teams focus on, for example, existing business. If you use Estafet to deliver your PoC or MVP, you’ll be more interested in the outcome or business benefits, than the process. However, we’ll also hand over all code and IP when we complete so that you can take on the solution yourselves.


We’re flexible, and if you’d like to learn directly from our Devs, QEs, and DevOps engineers, we can work collaboratively on delivering the backlog using our nearshore development centre in Sofia, Bulgaria. We use Scrum methodology and standard tooling such as Jira, and we are used to working with customers to deliver projects. If this model works for you, we’re very happy to support learning through pair-programming and code reviews, as well as delivering on features.

Path to the Future

The purpose of the AI accelerator is to develop your team sufficiently to deliver AI projects on their own. We can help, and you can continue to use our nearshore teams to deliver features, applications, and integrations; however, we want to make sure that you have a roadmap in place that is achievable and of value. At the end of our accelerator, we’ll make sure we have handed over all code artefacts, documentation, and knowledge. This includes any IP we’ve developed for you during the delivery phase.

Education and training

We’ve developed the AI accelerator through collaboration with customers like you. It’s simple, inexpensive, and effective because:

Building strong relationships and expert customers

We have developed long-term relationships with many of our customers because we share our insights, knowledge, and skills freely with them. This doesn’t make us redundant, it makes us useful. It also means we get to work on exciting, leading-edge projects with customer teams who are learning and motivated. In other words, it makes sense for both of us.

The benefits for you are:

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