About the workshop

With one third of companies using generative AI in at least one business function, our customers are looking for information on tools, concepts, and potential within their own industry. Most already have ideas of what they’d like to try, but are stuck on where to begin.
Our Generative AI workshop helps you explore these ideas with experts who have built AI solutions for start-ups and enterprises; they know what works and how to begin.

During the day, we will:

In conclusion

The output from the day is a roadmap for adoption. We will also create a prioritised and estimated Product Backlog for a first implementation of a candidate use case. This could be a Proof of Concept or a Minimum Viable Product, depending on complexity, and would be a short, achievable project on which you could learn and demonstrate to the business what’s possible. We can help you deliver (either through coaching or using our nearshore delivery centre) to reduce risk and maximise value.


The benefits to your organisation are:

Industry: Data Technology
  • Scripted bridges between Cloud services
  • Supported multi-Cloud connector deliverables
  • Brought in Azure expertise
  • Augmented core delivery teams
Industry: Utilities
  • Full services around systems design, technical integration and software development
  • Reliable transfer and management of data
  • Daily meter-read reports for the customer

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