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Nearshore Delivery

Use us to manage internal variation in capacity through existing highly-skilled, Agile ...

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Data integration

To find insights from (or to monetise) your data you must first ingest, engineer …

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Continuous delivery and DevOps adoption

From code to production, we automate every step of the build process ...

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Scaling operations

We slot seamlessly into your existing teams, structure, and culture to ...

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Large organisations use us to co-create and build innovations to wow…

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We successfully apply AI/ML to solve real-world customer problems…

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Aligned strategy and architecture

We help your technology teams deliver your investors’ goals ...

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Customer onboarding

Get a realistic assessment of your readiness for enterprise integration …

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Quality Engineers typically work within development teams so test automation is part of the Sprint cycle. We seek and propose continuous improvements to how products are defined, built, tested and deployed.


We specialise in core languages (e.g. Java, Scala and Python), but understand that frameworks and technologies evolve. We’re flexible and quick to adapt.


DevOps is all about repeatability and automation, from building and testing containers, to releasing pipelines, setting up and maintaining environments, and proactively monitoring applications once live.


We define infrastructure-as-code using, for example, Terraform and Ansible (plus all the scripting, source control, release and monitoring tools) to get environments built quickly and reliably.


We cover the full spectrum of data services - from data ingestion, through ETL, to reporting and visual presentation; we specialise in building cloud-based solutions that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to consume.

Clients choose us
for our


  • We deliver fast and on-time
  • We adapt quickly to your needs
  • We deliver value at every stage of the engagement

Technical expertise

  • We are highly skilled developers
  • We have deep expertise in DevOps
  • We have superb QEs
  • We know and work with AI/ML

Engagement approach

  • We are honest and transparent
  • We value and adapt to your culture
  • We are passionate about technology
  • We are client-focused, with product-thinking approach


Industry: Data Technology
  • Scripted bridges between Cloud services
  • Supported multi-Cloud connector deliverables
  • Brought in Azure expertise
  • Augmented core delivery teams

In clients' own words

Amy Chalfen

Amy Chalfen

Chief Operating Officer

Estafet showed great flexibility with their processes and were agile enough to accommodate what we felt would be right for us. The quality of technical knowledge and skills, the attitude, and the passion of the Estafet team prove that we made the right choice

Amy Chalfen, Chief Operating Officer, Harbr

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