Product & Engineering Excellence

We transform your business ideas into high-quality, user-centric software products swiftly and efficiently. Our expertise focuses on engineering excellence, data integration and search, and product-oriented consultancy, ensuring your projects precisely target user needs. We have deep technical expertise with OpenSource technologies, and strong strategic partnerships with Red Hat, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. We rapidly deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions, minimising effort on non-essential features and maximizing value. Partnering with us accelerates your journey to digital excellence, ensuring your solutions are not just innovative but exactly what your users need.

Enterprises gain a competitive edge through our comprehensive cloud and technical expertise, ensuring scalable, efficient, and innovative solutions.

Startups can accelerate product development with our Functional Blueprint and Discovery workshops, tailored to unlock rapid engineering progress with a cloud-first strategy.

Our model addresses the dynamic demands of product development, offering swift integration of skilled professionals to remove blockers and focus your whole team on Product Delivery. This flexible, cloud-enhanced team extension ensures seamless scalability without compromise.

With us, you

Engineering Skills

We grow and enhance our engineering expertise with continuous learning and skills deploying. We encourage our own specialists to keep up to speed with the latest technological developments. We specialise in:

  • Scaling Operations
  • Data Integration
  • Continuous Delivery & DevOps adoption
  • Quality Assurance
  • AI/ML
  • Innovation

Alignment Consultancy

Business and technology go hand in hand and we help our clients keep a close alignment with their vision and daily technical deliverables. We can help you with:

  • Strategy and Architecture alignment
  • Enterprise readiness
  • Customer onboarding



Quality Engineers typically work within development teams so test automation is part of the Sprint cycle. We seek and propose continuous improvements to how products are defined, built, tested and deployed.


We specialise in core languages (e.g. Java, Scala and Python), but understand that frameworks and technologies evolve. We’re flexible and quick to adapt.


DevOps is all about repeatability and automation, from building and testing containers, to releasing pipelines, setting up and maintaining environments, and proactively monitoring applications once live.


We define infrastructure-as-code using, for example, Terraform and Ansible (plus all the scripting, source control, release and monitoring tools) to get environments built quickly and reliably.


We cover the full spectrum of data services - from data ingestion, through ETL, to reporting and visual presentation; we specialise in building cloud-based solutions that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to consume.

Clients choose us
for our


  • We deliver fast and on-time
  • We adapt quickly to your needs
  • We deliver value at every stage of the engagement

Technical expertise

  • We are highly skilled developers
  • We have deep expertise in DevOps
  • We have superb QEs
  • We know and work with AI/ML

Engagement approach

  • We are honest and transparent
  • We value and adapt to your culture
  • We are passionate about technology
  • We are client-focused, with product-thinking approach

Success Stories

Industry: Data Technology
  • Scripted bridges between Cloud services
  • Supported multi-Cloud connector deliverables
  • Brought in Azure expertise
  • Augmented core delivery teams
Industry: Utilities
  • Full services around systems design, technical integration and software development
  • Reliable transfer and management of data
  • Daily meter-read reports for the customer
Industry: Financial Services
  • End-to-end solution spanning multiple policy systems using an ESB.
  • Mediation layer for presenting all policies in a single, official format.
  • Roll out Agile for sull supplier collaboration.
Industry: Energy & Utilities
  • Faster progress through Product Backlog
  • Core team free to focus on 2nd Generation platform
  • Prove Centrica that AlertMe was well-engineered and worth buying

What our clients say about us:

Estafet showed great flexibility with their processes and were agile enough to accommodate what we felt would be right for us. The quality of technical knowledge and skills, the attitude, and the passion of the Estafet team prove that we made the right choice

Amy Chalfen · former Chief Operating Officer

Client Onboarding at WorldPay was taking sixty days, it was extremely complex, largely manual, very time-consuming, and we found that some clients cancelled before being onboarded. Estafet’s work provided both business and financial benefit by lowering costs, increasing productivity, improving earlier adoption of revenue streams and increasing the likelihood of greater new client retention.

Craig Smiley · Chief Product Officer at Worldpay.

Above all, however, we have enjoyed working with your team to deliver the end-to-end solutions which bring success to our customers.

Paul Warminger · Director CSPN at Arqiva.

The Estafet team were able to stitch together complex technologies to deliver video streaming from Smart Cams through cloud services and into mobile devices. I’m very impressed that you made it all work, and thank you for your hard work over many weeks to achieve this result.

Nigel Pugh · former Product Director at AlertMe

Estafet have helped us take a complex situation of multiple vendors and contract engines and develop a Common Front End to bring all the disparate pieces together. Working with Estafet provided the independence and clarity we needed to change the approach and deliver a successful project.

Key Project Stakeholder at Capita Life & Pensions

Estafet are technical specialists who can integrate complex systems. The relationship is characterised by collaboration and partnership to help us overcome challenges through innovative solutions.

Client Project Manager at Arqiva

We are transforming from a traditional publisher of scientific research journals to a global digital information company. Estafet delivers new digital innovation to improve CX through API’s, Business Rules, AI and fast search for the enterprise and for our customer-facing systems.

Key Project Stakeholder at Client

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