Smart Metering

Smart Metering

Alistair Park. Chief Commercial Officer
Alistair Park. Chief Commercial Officer

Smart meters put the consumer in control of their energy use, allowing them to adopt energy efficient measures that can help save money on their energy bills and offset price increases’ –

The drive for smart metering affects consumers, suppliers and distributors in the utilities markets. The goals include a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases, better billing, a clearer understanding of energy consumption and a more innovate provision of services.
To deliver this effectively requires both serious investment by the utilities companies, and collaboration between infrastructure companies, suppliers, meter manufactures and government agencies. There is also a significant software integration challenge: standards are complex and the data volumes vast with 53 million homes potentially delivering meter reads and alerts of gas, electricity and water several times an hour.

The needs for successful systems integration is therefore core to the national smart meter programmes and Estafet has been working with players in the connected home and smart meter infrastructure industries to deliver this

At Estafet we have a team of smart meter experts who have been helping utility companies tackle the complex task of connecting antiquated metering systems with complicated IT systems and delivering useful mobile applications.



Smart Water MetersSmart Water

We are working closely with Arqiva on the smart water project. The initial trial supports Thames Water track 1600 homes, with their individual household usage, leaks in the systems and unrecognised leaks to properties. As a scarce resource, the new smart water networks will provide improved network management, leak detection and improvement in customer service. The early results of the trials have been highly encouraging achieving first-time connections with nearly all meters using Long Range Radio (LLR) alone.

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