Integrating Best of Breed

Estafet are are helping retailers integrate their on prem and SaaS applications to share data between systems enabling real-time Business Intelligence.


Retail Digital Transformation

Watch our video to find out how to enable retail digital transformation, improve timeliness and accuracy of data and unifying the customer journey.


Automation of Daily Sales

Many retailers face the challenge of multiple data feeds from stores and franchises. The data is often manually reconciled, register to download our datasheet to find out how Estafet are helping Retailers automate.


We run combined UK  / nearshore (Sofia, Bulgaria) teams for UK customers to deliver checking and aggregation of daily sales or stock records from email or FTP source.

Export for consumption of ERP
Transformation into ARTS Standard
Exception Handling

In our 6 week time boxed process, we deliver an estimated, costed and prioritised product backlog. Our team then work with you take this automated process to production.

Most retailers have focused IT efforts on improving management of their supply-chain management and invoicing. However, there often remains a gap in B2B communication with franchises and smaller suppliers. Here, manual processes (often involving email and spreadsheets) constrain
growth. We’ve shown how to automate this, relieving capacity and enabling growth

Daily Sales Record Automation is a necessity to remain competitive. By bringing the correct data into the businesses quickly, enables business decisions to be made faster, and changes implemented.

Our customers have found that removing the manual steps from daily sales reconciliation enables effective business decisions to be made. The development teams now have a firm platform to build new customer facing apps.

One of our customers (a large fashion retailer) had an order fulfilment and management system, including delivery booking and outstanding balance collection. We worked with their team to provide a single view of the customer with visibility of the sales order lifecycle with workflow driven case management.


Reusable interfaces

Point to point integrations are costly to maintain or extend. Using reusable interfaces, you can build new apps and functionality.

Flat Files

Removing data in spreadsheets and CSV files reduces error rates and enables data to be actionable much quicker.


Once you have an automated process, new stores or franchises can be simply plugged in to the framework and scale quickly.

Managed Cloud Platform

Using a managed cloud platform is more cost efficient, easier to scale and adapt to changing demands.


Every customer culture is different and there is no single approach that fits everyone. We have core principles which drive our work, but the implementation of Retail Integration Managed Service is very much a collaboration between our managed service practice and your business.



Retailers face a common set of challenges from balancing supply with demand to attracting (and retaining) customers.

Most have adopted best of breed packaged SaaS or on-premise applications. However they need to join the different elements together and the adaptations of each packaged app, means integrating the systems to fit your business isn’t easy.

By building reusable services, and improving accuracy of data means you can reuse data across multiple applications, saving time and building agility.



Retailers in particular are subject to the continuous demands of the business, there is little value in spending money on brittle point-to-point connections and manual processes rather than responding to new markets. By implementing a retail integration platform, enables the business, specifically the development teams to be freed up to be creative, innovative and respond quickly to the demands of the business.


Retail Integration Platform

For more information on how we work together and augment your team, download our datasheet.


For more information on our Retail Integration Platform email or call to speak to one of our experts on 0208 012 8599

We seek long-term partnerships with growing businesses that understand the benefits of Agile working and are prepared to share their development roadmap with us. This helps us build a better service that capitalises on our own experience, frameworks and investment in good, collaborative staff generisk levitra.

Some customers also want to outsource management of their integration platform. We run Cloud Integration Platforms as part of our service. This means we are responsible for both the software development and the live service, including the cloud platform it runs on.

For some, this is an interim state whilst the in-house team adjusts to new technology or DevOps processes. For others, this is a longer-term investment which frees the in-house team to focus on other, high-value business priorities. We are flexible, and our goal is to support your business in a way that makes sense for you.

We don’t employ salesmen, only delivery experts and software professionals who have seen many integration projects across many different verticals. If we can help, we’ll be clear as to the value we bring; if not – perhaps you are outside our core tech, or your problem is in some way unique – we’ll tell you. Our honest and collaborative approach to managed service is well-established and we are keen to hear about your needs: we love an interesting problem to solve.