Migration to the Cloud

Many organisations are currently considering migrating part of their IT estate to the cloud. There are many reasons given for making the move including: 

  • Cost - it is no longer necessary to spend capital on hardware or the teams that maintain it;
  • Flexibility - the ability to scale up or down the capacity; 
  • Disaster recovery - this is now the cloud provider’s problem; 
  • Automatic software updates - Updating operating systems, security and applications is now managed by the cloud provider. 



There are different approaches to migrating your software estate to the cloud and - depending on the organisation and the applications - some may be more or less appropriate and more or less costly. The main options for migrating applications to the Cloud are:

                  1. Rehost (‘Lift and shift’)
                  2. Replatform (‘Lift, tinker, and shift’)
                  3. Refactor

Transformation with Red Hat OpenShift

OpenShift delivers secure and efficient management of containers, but that’s only half the story. Every project we’ve done also had to choose dev / test / release / monitoring tools and integrate them into the delivery pipeline.

What if your next project started with all tools in place (with worked examples), all built into a delivery pipeline that created all your OpenShift environments, and enabled you to diagnose and fix faults?

We’ve done it: it’s OpenShift Boost

OpenShift Boost contains all the tools you need to accelerate your migration to the cloud. Whether you start with a greenfield or have already made progress, we have solved many of the problems you will face. 

To make OpenShift successful, you need to facilitate adoption by your teams

  • Build a robust, scalable DevOps pipeline with all tools you need
  • Deploy a roll-out team that helps teams migrate existing apps
  • Create recipes and best practices that suit your tech, skills and culture from dev to production

If you would like to find out more please get in touch. We have a technical white paper and demonstrations that can be viewed. We are here to help.

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