Accelerate Cloud Transformation with OpenShift Boost

Accelerate Cloud Transformation with OpenShift Boost

How fast can you run?

Digital Transformation has to start somewhere and by someone. Whilst the task is daunting the first step is easier to take if you focus on your transformation objectives. Business Agility, Faster time to Market and Lowering costs are great but these are driven by IT and Process Automation, Agility, Delivering Value to the Business Fast, Legacy Migration and Transformation, and working closely with the business to help speed innovation. We recognise the challenge have built a process and framework to deliver the first step fast.

Transformation with OpenShift to prove the value on your Applications and Data 

There is no better way of proving you can Transform applications and Data than doing it with OpenShift and Openshift Boost. We have built OpenShift Boost on top of OpenShift to give you a best of breed fully configured cloud platform from day 1.

  • Make your trial of OpenShift a success: fast, effective and with greater scope
  • OpenShift Boost contains all the tools, processes and scripts you need to build production systems 
  • We’ve automated environment creation, QA & delivery pipelines
  • We’ve overcome barriers to OpenShift adoption and solved many of the problems projects hit as they approach live. 

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Why OpenShift Boost?

OpenShift delivers secure and efficient management of containers, but that’s only half the story. Every project we’ve done also had to choose dev / test / release / monitoring tools and integrate them into the delivery pipeline. What if your next project started with all tools in place (with worked examples), all built into a delivery pipeline that created all your OpenShift environments, and enabled you to diagnose and fix faults?

We’ve done it: it’s OpenShift Boost.

What this means for you if you are New to OpenShift?

  1. Lower cost & faster POCs
  2. Rapid developer productivity
  3. Safe and secure – we’ve thought ahead so you can act now

Already a customer? OpenShift Boost helps you scale global development teams with a consistent quality approach.

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