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Most organisations generate a huge amount of data; however, most just use data to support rather than drive their decisions. Gaining relevant insights means figuring out what you want to do with the data.

The first step is to understand what questions you need to ask of your data. such as “which customers are about to leave?”; “which trades are likely to fail?”; “which process steps are of least value relative to their cost?”. These questions lead you to the data sources you need to tap, how they should be brought together and the kind of analytics that need to be leveraged. This can be slow – most businesses have manual processes involving spreadsheets sent between teams, all with different needs and KPIs. This introduces human error, causes delays in getting vital business information to decision makers and results in poor decision making based on an incomplete and out-of-date view of the business.

So how can you get beyond the spreadsheets to create a holistic, current view of the business to drive valuable insights? How can you enable data-driven decisions that deliver the KPIs upon which the business is measured and rewarded? And who will help you automate the transformation of your MI?

We work with you to identify, extract, combine and present key data from within the layers of your existing systems to automate data processes. Building an insight platform enables self-service intelligence – each user has access to the insights and dashboards they need – so the organisations can report quickly on KPIs using current data. By adding in machine learning and predictive analytics, we can also help the business assess the consequences of those decisions based on past information, to select the most effective course of action.

Whether it’s the automation of MI, building a 360 customer view, through to advanced predictive modelling using Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to transform your MI, we select a technology set that’s best for your business. Our value comes from experience across a wide range of tools, deep understanding of data science and the IP we have built to integrate the selected technologies. Let us help you understand the data you own, how it relates to your goals, and create actionable insights to drive effective decision-making.

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