Accelerate your time-to-value

Many companies adopt a ‘buy vs build’ approach, but this leaves the problem of how to join up disparate systems and silos. Cloud has shown the model to be ‘subscribe, integrate and partner’ which means finding the right partner to identify and integrate existing cloud services to support your business goals.

In doing so, customers face three challenges: finding skilled and experienced people; selecting technologies that do not constrain growth or flexibility; and embedding process and practices which enable rapid delivery of value to the business.

This is why we established three Business Practices: Integration, Insight and IoT. Each practice draws together people, processes and tools to accelerate your time-to-value, helping you release new features to new markets quickly and safely. This gives you:

Freedom to innovate

Most customers now spend too much time running complex hybrid IT estates. Simply keeping the lights on consumes 80% of their budget. We think you should focus your internal teams on new, business-focused initiatives, whilst we should take cost out of your budget by delivering a clean, reusable integration platform that makes it easier to deliver those ideas into production.

Accelerated transformation

Early challenges to digital transformation include establishing a platform to deliver new services. We have built business solution platforms comprising best-of-breed technologies and frameworks linked by our IP which get you productive quickly. They work together so you can start small and extend into other areas incrementally or link into existing technology or build out new microservices – accelerating your early digital transformation whilst providing a scalable, cloud-native base for the future.

Faster execution

DevOps culture is about getting ideas into production quickly. We automate steps and take small incremental units of value through the delivery pipeline quickly, starting with requirements and completing with live monitoring of services. Our skilled engineers help you build DevOps pipelines with environments, stage gates, test automation and releases to get value to your customers quickly and safely.

Lower operating costs

If your estate is easy to maintain, it’s not only quick to deploy new ideas, it’s also cheaper. We run Integration, Insight and IoT platforms as-a-service, using out-of-the-box DevOps solutions running Containerised solutions on PaaS to simplify the release and monitoring cycle. The result is a convergent IT landscape that requires fewer environments and technologies with smaller teams supporting far more systems.

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