Practices – Architecture, Design, Development

Practices – Architecture, Design, Development

Architecture, Design and Development Practice

At Estafet, the core of our work is development, and we need QA, design and architecture to help achieve this. Across technologies, industry sectors and delivery teams there is always a question about what is the best approach to solving technology problems.

The Architecture, Development and Design (ADD) practice seeks to provide an open forum where developers and architects can discuss and establish best practice, architectural styles and develop thought leadership on the numerous technologies and industries that Estafet is delivering into.

Ultimately the goal of the ADD practice will help Estafet deliver a higher level of technical competence that will become recognised within the industry.


Here are some of the areas the ADD practice is currently focusing on: –

  • Defining Openshift Delivery Model & AWS IoT –
  • Investigating best practice for using Openshift with JBoss Fuse and Microservices –
  • Implementation of Microservices with AWS IoT using the Serverless Framework

When the practice grows, we hope to produce best practice guides and STACS on a host of technologies from RedHat to Mulesoft.

The ADD practice will publish best practice based on feedback from project deliveries and industry publications for specific issues. The practice will help to define explain key design patterns that are essentials for delivery. It may also be involved in evaluating technologies and liaising with Sales and Marketing to produce demos and to better support the interaction with Estafet Customers.

Ultimately we hope that the ADD practice will produce the next generation of technology leaders in the company that will occupy the roles of architects and lead developers on new projects.

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