IT due diligence

IT due diligence


Mitigate your technology risk

We mitigate technology risk for venture capital and private equity firms, and companies looking to merge, acquire or restructure, by helping them to instantly understand the strategic value of the transaction. Our trusted experts provide you with an independent analysis and validation of:
  • Quality of the software and technology team
  • IT scalability and security
  • Viability of the technical roadmap
  • Efficiency in the data processing
  • Peer comparison with other tech firms
  • Opportunities and threats

Technical roadmap

Uniquely, and in addition to the due diligence report, we provide you with a ‘technical roadmap’. This shows important milestones helping the target company stay on course. We also offer services for clients in post-transaction stages – we can help with integration or separation initiatives as per the technical roadmap – particularly beneficial for angel invested companies who need a flexible capacity model. For more mature invested companies who’ve seen their management team disappear, we can be engaged as their interim IT department. dreamstime_xl_51139425


Clear, objective insights with pragmatic, achievable and actionable recommendations provided by independent trusted experts

Better informed decisions

Ability to quickly and easily see which problems are fixable or not and decide to walk away or avoid losing out on good deals

Greater alignment

Better alignment of business and IT checks post transaction through the use of a unique technical roadmap

Protect your investments

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