We are integration consultancy focusing on connecting applications, systems and devices to deliver value fast. In the last 5 years we have completed a number of IOT projects, creating the intelligent infrastructure of the future.

WaterSmart Meters

Estafet has been an integral part of the Smart Meter project.  Our remit included communicating with smart devices, collecting the reads and alarms, organising the big data and building core integrations to the business support systems. We are now rolling out software to manage the communication hubs and connecting to the Smart DCC.

Smart DevicesVending machines

Our newest client operates thousands of smart vending machines across globe. We are connecting these devices to a central hub to harmonise pricing, promote brands, and ensure data consistency. This allows owners to adapt to local conditions by creating offers and prices which stimulate demand.

homeSmart Homes

The connected home has been close to our hearts for the last five year.  From controlling your heating or switching on a light from a mobile app or Amazon Alexa voice commands, the smart home has become a reality.