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Succeeding in today’s competitive world requires you to get to market faster and generate customer value instantly and continuously. This means creating a smarter, faster business that can both anticipate and respond to your changing customer needs.

As cloud adoption accelerates, integrating cloud applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications is emerging as a huge concern. Enterprises use a myriad of approaches from point-to-point integrations using custom code, to hub-and-spoke integrations, to real-time integrations.

So how do you ensure that you choose the right integration approach and solutions to achieve your business goals? What happens to your integrations when cloud APIs get updated or the on-premise application is altered lis ça? And who will implement and manage the integration long term?

We work with you to bring together all of the capabilities needed to get to market, fast. Bringing together on-premise applications, cloud platforms, bespoke developments and connected devices, Estafet’s Integration Platform helps you to accelerate digital delivery.


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