Integration Managed Service (IMS)

Integration Managed Service (IMS)

Flexing delivery capability on demand

Integration Managed Service

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Estafet are specialists in enterprise integration and operate three models depending on your flexibility, maturity and need. We specialise in Java-based middleware using our distributed agile teams across the UK and Bulgaria. Our customers span utilities, finance, commercial and public sector.

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After three intensive years of distributed agile projects for leading UK customers, we are now confident that our integration managed service approach can work across industry verticals and company cultures. We have consistently shown that we can lower costs whilst building a flexible integration platform which promotes reuse and helps companies adapt to change. Watch our video for a short (< 3mins) overview.



”Estafet are very adaptable so we may ask them to do different types of things, that maybe some analysis, it may be on technology decisions that may help us drive business value or look at our overall processes. It’s always good to be able to call on people to to understand what we’re trying to achieve and help us achieve that..

Tom Perry, Head of Integration


We run combined UK  / nearshore (Sofia, Bulgaria) teams for UK customers to work alongside their own teams, taking responsibility for end-to-end functionality including design, build, test and release.

Managed Service
Project Based
Team Augmentation

We coordinate work through a dedicated Delivery Director, tasked with maximising the productivity of the team and delivering iteratively according to your business priorities.

If you are undertaking a transformation programme, or simply want to scale delivery without taking on permanent staff, then augmenting your own capability with our Integration Managed Service teams makes sense. We bring high quality, experienced integration specialists at competitive blended rates using a Distributed Agile model.

Key to our success is collaboration. We actively build peer-to-peer relationships with other teams to identify what is being done well, along with any gaps in, for example, integration strategy, DevOps lifecycle, test automation and release management.

Our customers find that our Integration Managed Service works well for

  • COTS & Managed Service Integration Strategy
  • Flexing delivery capability on demand around a small, core in-house team;
  • Delivering discrete components or systems that require several Sprints of a distributed Scrum team;
  • Introducing new technology, design or platforms (such as cloud, microservices, PaaS and DevOps) where new skills and best practice are needed;
  • Programmes to adopt any of our core Java-based platforms such as Openshift, JBoss middleware, Oracle PaaS or MuleSoft AnyPoint;
  • Teams seeking to increase test automation.

Integration Managed Services - KEY FEATURES


Flexing delivery capability on demand around a small, core in-house team. Our 70 strong team of consultants can flex to meet your businesses changing demands.


Introducing new technology, design or platforms. We have programmes and accelerators to help you adopt any of our core Java-based platforms


Testing is the key to our success, and we have a dedicated practice, and can augment your team if you are seeking to increase test automation.


Delivering discrete components through our agile delivery methods, ensures projects are delivered in sprints and to your changing specification


What makes this a managed service is the relationship between the customer and our Delivery Director, who is responsible for adjusting team size and composition according to the current business priorities. We accept that teams reduce when demand is low, and plan ahead so that we are ready for the next wave of development or innovation with skilled people, project knowledge and sufficient “ready” requirements to ramp up again.


Our customers find us clear, effective, responsive and easy to deal with. This is a mature capability which has, over the last 3 years, rolled out projects in, for example, connected homes, smart metering, integrated ERP solutions for finance and mobile workforce management.


Rapid advances in technology have presented customers with new delivery challenges coupled with great opportunity for those businesses that can achieve competitive advantage using them. The flexibility brought by our Integration Managed Service allows you to respond quickly to these new opportunities without losing control of your platform or sacrificing quality


Integration Managed Service

For more information on how we work together and augment your team, download our datasheet.


For more information on our Integration Managed Service email or call to speak to one of our experts on 0208 012 8599

We seek long-term partnerships with growing businesses that understand the benefits of Agile working and are prepared to share their development roadmap with us. This helps us build a better service that capitalises on our own experience, frameworks and investment in good, collaborative staff.

Some customers also want to outsource management of their integration platform. We run Cloud Integration Platforms as part of our service. This means we are responsible for both the software development and the live service, including the cloud platform it runs on.

For some, this is an interim state whilst the in-house team adjusts to new technology or DevOps processes. For others, this is a longer-term investment which frees the in-house team to focus on other, high-value business priorities. We are flexible, and our goal is to support your business in a way that makes sense for you.

We don’t employ salesmen, only delivery experts and software professionals who have seen many integration projects across many different verticals. If we can help, we’ll be clear as to the value we bring; if not – perhaps you are outside our core tech, or your problem is in some way unique – we’ll tell you. Our honest and collaborative approach to managed service is well-established and we are keen to hear about your needs: we love an interesting problem to solve.