At Estafet we are very lucky to work with innovative companies and technologies, delivering new solutions to customers. Here are a few of the projects we have been involved in.

InnovationInnovative Projects

  • Smart Utilities – we are working with major utilities companies on their smart metering programmes, integrating the meters, hubs and existing systems.
  • Smart Homes – Estafet have been working on Smart Homes for the last few years, from connecting heating, water sensors to mobile devices using cutting edge technology.
  •  Amazon Alexa – the new voice recognition device enables multiple devices to be connected in your home. We are working on projects to control lighting, smart sensors and integrating the device to other applications to increase the customer experience.


Innovation & Agile

  • We pride ourselves on our agile approach to projects and delivery. Within the innovation field this is particularly useful, often the projects are the first of their kind and there is no standard way of doing anything. We know the technology is capable of delivering the results, but how all the elements can be connected and communication standards created needs an agile flexible approach.
  • Each of our projects are delivered in sprints, a crucial element in cutting edge projects, as sprints enable funding to be unlocked in stages along the way.


Centre of ExcellenceInnovation Centre of Excellence (CofE)

We have built and worked on many CofE’s and this experience and expertise is invaluable, it enables acceleration of projects and provides and agile response to business demand. Our experts have built up a wealth of knowledge and through our knowledge sharing hubs, proven accelerators and governance frameworks.