Nearshore IT services

Nearshore IT services

We have helped businesses increase revenue streams by significantly bringing forward crucial product launches, while adding quality but lowering project costs at the same time.

We do this by bringing our experienced, mature nearshore capability to customers as an extension of your delivery capability.

Most roadmaps show peaks and throughs, making it hard for businesses to build or scale up efficient, agile development, QA or DevOps teams. Scrambling to find talented professionals quickly can halt momentum and throw a wrench into an otherwise smooth operation. With business demands increasing, this is unacceptable.

We can help.  We can scale your IT delivery capability through the provision of our existing highly skilled, agile nearshore teams, based out of Sofia, Bulgaria. This provides true agile delivery through the peaks of demands and eliminates the model of frantically sourcing individuals, followed by watching them being under-utilised and burning money.

Our solution focuses on quality and velocity through a mature DevOps culture which includes out-of the box PaaS environments, automated test frameworks, and full software delivery pipelines with stage gates and releases. This gives real benefits:

  • Respond rapidly: we come with all the tools, environments and delivery processes we need and can be productive within hours
  • Gain results quickly: close proximity and similar time zone means better, smarter and more interaction – agile development works best when your teams work in-house or nearshore
  • Add instant expertise: respond to the need for specialist skills and competencies by working with our talented professionals adept at DevOps, Machine Learning, Microservices and Rules and experts in Kubernetes, Java, Openshift, Kafka, Cassandra, CEP, ETL and Big Data
  • Cut costs: close proximity means lower travel costs and more control. You only pay for the peaks of demand, and then release the team when business demands have been met. Similar time zone means that overtime and night shifts can be excluded. Our nearshore rates are well below those of permanent staff
  • Boost workforce efficiency: employing an external workforce allows you to dedicate resources to primary activities. Offloading development also lifts morale of your team
  • Build trust: you can always say “yes” to the business because you know how much you can scale and what the cost of delivery is
  • Lower business risk: accelerate the implementation, customisation and deployment of APIs at the best possible ROI and robustness to support the business in future

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Call us now on +44 208 012 8599 for a free consultation with our experts and find out if you can also benefit from a nearshore agile team model

We can also use your environment – with a broad technological portfolio, our multi-skilled teams are quick to support the core business and deliver value from the word go. Our nearshore rates are competitive and can be flexible, fixed or monthly as a service cost.

Our mature delivery team in Sofia has consistently delivered high quality software across multiple projects and industries and have been doing so for over 6 years. Our customers include Arqiva, Centrica, WorldPay, Elsevier, Zurich Insurance, Orwell Group, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Citibank, John Lewis, Kingfisher, British Gas (Hive), Balfour Beatty, Newline Insurance.