Nearshore Capability

Nearshore Capability

Paulo Gonçalves, Chief Operating Officer
Paulo Gonçalves
Chief Operating Officer

On-shore or off-shore? Why not enjoy the benefits of both?

At Estafet we have established offices both in the UK and in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our teams of consultants work harmoniously together, providing a  comprehensive blended solution for your project.

Through our established near-shore offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, we offer all the advantages of off-shore: reduced cost, exposure and overheads, without sacrificing the quality, visibility and responsiveness to customer needs.


Approachable ExpertsNear Shore Delivery Partner

For clients looking for offshore solutions, we are a trusted near-shore delivery partner – leveraging our experience working with clients such as WorldPay, Deutsche Bank, Zurich Financials and Credit Suisse to help evolving enterprises affordably plan, build and align their IT platforms with their strategic goals.


Our Near-Shore Teams

Our near-shore teams have been hand-picked from the best local consultants, are inducted on-shore, and are committed to delivering through our Distributed Scrum methodology, allowing us to provide clients with immediate and visible business value, with strong communications, tracking and reporting throughout.

For clients that are testing the waters for near-shore, we like to test the process with a  focussed, tactical and low-risk solution, allowing you to assess the quality and impact of our delivery. Once you understand the blending solution, and the teams involved we can scale as required to larger teams and projects.

At Estafet we differ from other consultancies as our near-shore consultants are integral part of our teams, and throughout any solution, you will have access to the expertise of our on-shore consultants, as well as the established delivery assets and resources.

Benefits of Near Shore

  • Reduced time-zone conflicts
  • Fewer cultural barriers
  • EU-centric Client Service
  • Political stability with process and data security

Estafet Sofia offers an ideal option for projects that need to start small then scale. We also cater for high volume/low complexity work such as form automation at competitive costs,mobilisation projects including iOS development using Swift and competitive support options for delivered solutions. We provide near shore experts at competitive rates and our support costs are often lower dependant on the service level requirements.

We’d be delighted to discuss your development needs and how our experience can help you evolve. Our workshop, estimation and quote process is run fully onsite from the UK.

Contact us to find out how nearshore can work for you.