Beyond Integration

Beyond Integration

Beyond Integration

The world is changing, applications are in the cloud and being accessed by multiple different mobile devices. This new generation of applications are being built from the ground up, utilising the functionality and exposing the locked away value.

However are we ready to move beyond simple integration? All the processes that were embedded in individual systems can now be opened up, joined together to enable business agility, efficiency and free up resource so you can innovate.

At Estafet we bring existing applications together with new applications, on premise with Cloud and SaaS with Bespoke. We open up your apps and build something new, wider and beyond integration – delivering tangible results.

Check out our beyond integration video to find out how we can move beyond traditional SOA to providing composite business systems.

Beyond Integration is a compelling vision for the future, an aspiration to take the challenges of modern enterprise applications integration and transform them into a giant step forwards.

Organisations that share this vision will naturally be wondering how to turn the vision into reality.  What actions can they take that will move them closer to the vision, how can they measure their progress towards it and who are the key stakeholders that need to be brought on board?

As with any vision, realising it is a journey rather than a single activity, and having a roadmap for that journey will be invaluable.