API Management

API Management

Effective mobile solutionsLeverage your SOA investment for effective API Management

Organisations seeking to enable their mobile strategy; extend the reach of their content, data and services; or forge stronger relationships with their customers and business partners are turning to API management. Those with a solid base in SOA have a great advantage: but what can be re-used and what must be created?

What is API Management?

‘API’s are key enablers of modern application systems’ – Gartner, 05, 2016#
SOA Synergy

Both SOA and API Management expose functionality through well-managed published interfaces that work well with the modern Internet technologies. They achieve lower TCO through standardisation, re-use and control. They also involve similar management tools such as an Enterprise Service Bus; you may find that investment in SOA is paying off a second time.

3Scale API Manager

Teams can now leverage more benefits of OpenShift with 3Scale’s traffic control and API Management features

  • Devops-friendly API Management
  • Dockerised 3Scale API Gateway for Red Hat OpenShift
  • API Program Tools
  • Enterprise ready PaaS
  • Future Proof API Management

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New challenges

The biggest difference is that APIs are public and published, meaning:

  • You don’t know in advance who (or how many) will use your API
  • You often don’t have a direct relationship with your API consumers
  • You can’t really tell those consumers what to do

Further the tools are new and evolving, and there is a temptation to forget the lessons of SOA in the rush to reach a new market.

How Estafet can help

Starting from a mature SOA Base Straight to API Management
What to consider… Focus on re-use and changing only what you can demonstrate needs to be changed Build an API Management strategy around proven SOA principles
How Estafet can help…
  1. Identify value and leverage from your SOA programme
  2. Design how SOA and API Management systems interact
  1. Do you need API Management?
  2. Select the right tools
  3. Design for re-use; Effective Management and Control