At Estafet we drive business agility through our expertise in Project Delivery, Testing, and DevOps. We speed time to market for our customers by transforming the delivery process. Our innovative products and consultancy services have already transformed the way that many FTSE350 and Fortune Global 500 companies do business through their Enterprise, Platform and Application solutions.

 How can we help you?

  • We can advise you on Enterprise Architecture, Application Development, Cloud Integration
  • We can help establish Centres of Excellence for DevOps, Architecture, QA and Agile delivery;
  • We can help you build and integrate applications using  Red Hat Openshift, Estafet Boost and our UK/Nearshore offices
  • Deliver AI/ML into your production systems


We are the UK’s leading specialist in integration solutions.

At Estafet we understand your journey and have a number of products and accelerators. So whether you want to
  • Drive business agility in launching new products to market faster
  • Know your customer through single view
  • Automate case management
  • Optimise your customer/employee on-boarding process
  • Integrate your cloud applications
  • Empower your workforce with mobile application

Get in contact today and let’s discuss how we can help.