Estafet are award winning specialists at aligning IT and business transformation projects.

BPM TransformationClients work with us in a number of ways from engaging through our products  to our consultancy services.

If you need a Centre of Excellence and have the Management and Process in place you can have access to our Product Experts and Architects to perform specific duties. They will still be supported by the Estafet brand so you will get full access to our whole team and the ability to pull other experts in as required through our Delivery Director. All Estafet consultants work with a delivery director for peer reviews and guidance on approach.

Estafet consultants apply our core Estafet principles and practices to all work undertaken. Our customers expect it and we believe passionately it is the right way to do things.


Our Consultancy Services help you with architectural design, best practice and help accelerate you through the Development Life Cycle regardless of what phase you are working through. Whether you want to use our consultants to supplement your teams or you want us to deliver the project for you. This means you benefit from our long experience on Red Hat, Oracle and MuleSoft projects helping to reduce delivery risk by spotting problems before you run into them.

So whether you are are changing your processes, platforms (envisage stage) or need a new integration strategy, contact us to discuss.

Working with Estafet Consultancy brings you

  • best experience
  • best practice
  • best approach
  • best methodology
  • industry leading product experts
  • accelerators

and stop you from falling into the holes that we know your peers have experienced.

Contact us today to find out how we can work together to deliver success to your business