Estafet Opinion – Amazon Dash and Smart Devices

Estafet Opinion – Amazon Dash and Smart Devices

Estafet Opinion – Amazon Dash and Smart Devices

6-smallLast week Amazon announced the latest manufacturers to join ‘Amazon Dash ’ their strategic foray into the Internet of Things. The manufacturers including GE and Samsung will  embed the Amazon automatic re-ordering technology into smart appliances, such as washing machines and water jugs.

Planned for next month GE and Amazon will launch an app, that will provide a replenishment service connected to the smart devices, so laundry detergent can be reordered based on usage, this move signals a fundamental step towards the mainstream adoption of the connected home.

It is this paradigm shift, that excites our technical team at Estafet, so I thought I would share our first hand experiences working with smart devices and integrating the connected home.

Last year we began working on a strategic project integrating home appliances, including boilers, smart fridges and sensors. We built an app using SWIFT OS X and IOS to control the devices in the connected home, that enabled both control of the appliance remotely and for the smart devices to communicate to the user.

However, together with our client we decided to get innovative and connect video streaming to the app. So for example if you have a moisture detector linked to your connected home hub, and the sensor is triggered, you can see via video the extent of the leak, and respond accordingly.

BPM TransformationNow Samsung are ahead of the curve for smart devices, they have built strategic partnerships both with Red Hat (announced in June), and Amazon as part of the Dash project, so the team chose the Samsung Smart camera. It sounds simple, however we needed to on-board the camera to the home’s local wi-fi, punch through fire-walls, and negotiate and then hand off a HD video stream to a mobile device.

So our technical team started to think what could be possible.
We knew we could stream from the Samsung Smart Camera to the Samsung Cloud, but these then needed to be integrated into a 3rd party ecosystem. Plus we needed to forward plan, and enable a variety of smart camera brands to be integrated.
It required hard work and determination, but we got there and the team produced a smooth, secure, high definition video from a camera in the home to a phone anywhere on the planet.

So, looking at Amazon Dash, we think it’s a smart idea that brings the IoT into the everyday home environment. We already have the skills and experience to deliver technology like this into your business, from edge devices to systems integration to mobile applications. Now, we’d like to hear about your needs and ideas: how might the IoT transform your industry and what do you need to stay ahead of the competition?

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