About Us

About Us

About Us

Adrian Wright
Adrian Wright, CEO

Estafet is a specialist integration consultancy with a strong track record in Distributed Agile delivery using our nearshore office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We have delivered upwards of 200 integration projects for customers across different verticals (including Retail and Financial Services), building strong cross-functional teams including solution architecture, implementation, DevOps and QA.

These teams deliver high quality, re-usable microservices, using Red Hat, Java, Oracle or MuleSoft technology, demonstrating their work to stakeholders every two weeks, and releasing code early and often. We will work collaboratively both with you and your product vendors to ensure robust end-to-end integration and process flow.

Our Values


Our 70 strong team of consultants specialise in Red Hat, Java, Oracle and MuleSoft technologies. We also evaluate and investigate new technologies to continue to expand our consultants knowledge and ensure our customers have skilled consultants working on their projects.

Open & Transparent

We work together with our clients, and are honest, open and transparent about their project requests. If there is quicker or more cost efficient way of approaching the project then we tell them, this results in a stronger working relationship and projects delivered on time. 


Our teams are exceptional,  we have senior technologists with years of experience working together with our bright skilled consultants who have a minimum of 5 years experience, watched over by our dedicated delivery directors, ensuring your project runs on time and on budget.


We use lightweight, agile, techniques to let us respond rapidly to change. Using Scrum methodologies we deliver sprints in 2 week increments, delivering value and a project that is matched to the companies objectives.

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